Monday, November 7, 2011

WBT Incentives

We are really chugging away at the super improver wall!  My students are so excited to get to the picture level.  They are working so hard!  Every time that, my students, enter the classroom they walk to the wall and count their stars.  Also, I overhead my students encouraging one another to practice their super speed math and reading, when they finish their work early.  One thing that I really appreciate, in the classroom, is all of the support that my students offer one another.  They are like one big WBT family.  In the beginning of the school year, many students were very reluctant to work with one another.  Gestures and attention spans has definitely improved over the course of 14 weeks. Furthermore,  I was talking with another WBT colleague and we decided that the colored bracelets would be a a great incentive for the last level of the Super improver wall.  I am eager to get the bracelets ordered and show my students, they are going to go bananas over the last level!!  Things are going great!!

Heather Hansen
Wbt Intern

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