Sunday, December 18, 2011

Holidays with WBT

Many teachers would agree that the final two weeks of school, before holiday break, is bananas!!  We had semester report cards due, as well as, district benchmarks due.  Not to mention, all of the holiday crafts and parent gifts to make, and wrap up really festive!! My students are diligent with the gestures and eager to use them with new students.  My new student, who joined me on the 30th of November, almost has all the gestures mastered! I am very pleased with so many students accomplishments, within the classroom. Comparing my previous years teaching., I can see that I am getting through to many at-risk students.   I noticed that I have about 75% of my class doing all of the gestures. These students did a fantastic job on their benchmarks.  The other 25% of my classroom, that performed at a C level, or below, are the students that resist doing and saying the gestures, or are absent more than the average bear.  After I reviewed my students scores, I had them write me a letter, explaining what they could do to improve their grades in the classroom. EVERY single student that resists the gestures, said that they needed to use the gestures more, when I am teaching!  I am hopeful that when we return to school, that these individuals start making more use of their knowledge, using WBT methods!!

Heather Hansen
WBT Intern

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