Friday, December 2, 2011

Keeping things Fresh

Well..its official!  This week back from Thanksgiving break, low energy, compared to the first 9 weeks of school.  I feel relieved that there are some variations for the scoreboard and I plan on implementing them, this week.  I received a new student this week, boy he was taken back, when the class started teaching one another all of the information.  He was really excited and already started working really hard to get a super improvers card.  I know that this is a very distracting part of the year, and I want it make sure that all WBT strategies remain exciting and fresh for my students. I can really see how refreshing this style of teaching was for the new boy.  I also, see that many of my other students are currently taking, such a fun way of learning, for granite.  At times, some students, will answer back using funny character voices, when I did not use a character voice myself.  This is where we stand at a crossroad.  I know that all of the new strategies that Coach Biff, created, will re-vamp the classroom environment.  I can't wait to blog after I use some of various strategies!!

Heather Hansen
Wbt Intern

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